We make high quality wooden speakers with the Earth in mind for your iPhone and Android phones. Enjoy your music in a more sustainable way.

Listen To The Earth


Starting a wood working company on your apartment balcony is not the best thing to do.

Lets just say my neighbors tolerated some of the noise.

And its certainly not the largest space in the world.

But all those products you know and use everyday started like that.

A garage, a hole in the wall somewhere.

Coming from a place like that makes the road to success absolutely necessary.

It all starts in the shower for me. I needed a device that could double the output of my iPhone while I listened to my music in the shower. I am a apple product user and frugal consumer so going out and buying a beats pill was not going to happen. Lets talk price: $200... nope. I needed something that was going to help my wallet as well as help the earth. Listen, I'm not saying I don't use plastic but I don't want to contribute the the need to use more of this earths natural and valuable resources. I also didn't start off looking to start a business but to be eco minded.

When I first started out I made this ugly speaker that my wife wouldn't even allow in the house.

I wanted to put it on the coffee table and it never happened.  So I knew from then on I'd have to make something that was appealing to the eye as well as functional.



Over time I toyed with many designs and prototypes. Finally finding that what is today our Renew line is the best outcome of many hours designing and testing sound and quality. I also found that keeping the woods sort of beat up look and feel gives it more character and true story of its journey. From there our mission has become one of eco-friendlyness. We have a responsibility to the earth to leave it better than we received it.



That is why every speaker is made from 100% reclaimed wood. Each speaker is handcrafted in every stage with the help of some awesome tools. All of our speakers are made right here in the USA. With the amazing community of Denton, TX supporting and gathering around our products. We have also partnered with Trees for the future so that for every speaker we sell and you purchase a tree is planted. You are making a difference.